With Age Comes Wisdom

We’ve been around now for 17 years, and the one thing we’ve found to be true is that there is no substitute for experience.

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Columbus came to America and so can you.  Our clients stretch from Europe to Asia and we help them understand the idiosyncrasies and subtleties of the North American market so they can find success.

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Outside of corn, nothing works well in a silo and your marketing and PR activities are no different.  We help our clients identify the right marketing mix, and then ensure seamless integration and synchronization so the campaign packs an effective punch.

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And if that’s your audience it’s a great thing because to be successful you need to reach them in multiple ways. To do so, you need an agency with an innovative combination of marketing and PR expertise.

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Who We Are: The chosters

We’re a close-knit team of creative, tech-savvy, gadget-loving, gamer types who started as a small PR shop focusing on video games. As the world of PR and marketing transformed during the last two decades, so did our agency.

Now, seventeen years later, we are a dynamic agency offering smart, strategic digital marketing and PR services. Our clients come from a variety of sectors — consumer electronics, apps, software, toys, technology and video games – and include large corporations, startups and everything in between.

Since our full company name is cho HighWater Group (cho means come hell or), we often refer to ourselves as ‘chosters’. But what is a choster?  What makes them tick?  Well over the last 17 years, we’ve also noticed some consistent traits amongst us:

  • Dog People 75%
  • Tech Obsessed 90%
  • ENJOY Jogging 5%
  • Constantly Disappointed By Their Sports Teams 45%

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