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What to Look for in a Bluetooth Speaker

We are fortunate to represent a lot of great companies in the consumer electronics space, many of whom have Bluetooth speakers and/or products with Bluetooth functionality. As a result, we have picked up a good bit of knowledge about what consumers look for in such... read more

HighWater Group Featured in Bulldog Reporter

We’re honored to be featured in the Bulldog Reporter today sharing some insights into our 7 keys to a successful PR campaign.  Check out the link or read the article below. PR Strategy: 7 Steps to a Successful PR Campaign 7 Things That Make a Successful PR... read more

A PR Guy’s Case for Premium Mobile Games

Over the last few years, mobile game developers have moved away from the premium game model for freemium titles. And it makes sense. According to a 2013 Distmo Report, 71% of all in app purchase (IAP) revenue on The App Store is generated from free apps. Those numbers are pretty eye opening, and the positives are clear: a free game makes it more likely potential players will give it a shot because there is zero monetary risk in trying it.

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8 Things Your PR Agency Wishes Everyone Knew

  Successful partnerships are rooted in good communication, an understanding of respective roles/limitations, and clearly defined expectations. Working with a PR Agency is no exception. Remembering these eight rules will help you stay in sync with your agency.... read more

Bronies: Mythical Creature or Misinformed Man?

In the day-to-day of app PR, we do a lot work with licensed products.  In fact, video game PR, app PR and just about any sort of consumer entertainment marketing encompasses well-known brands from movies, toys, comic books, etc. Recently we had the opportunity to work... read more


I just returned from my umpteenth E3 and the same thought that ran through my mind 15 years ago hit me again: Are exhibitors wasting their money?  I’ve been going to E3 since it was called CES and happened twice a year. But over the years, its primary purpose seemed... read more

One Small Fix to Make Soccer More Appealing in the US

So the U.S. beat Ghana yesterday 2-1.  According the box score (or what passes for one) the game ended at 90 minutes. But according the on-screen clock, play continued. In fact Ghana received a yellow card at 92 minutes. What The Footie? And that’s just one of the... read more

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