A funny thing happened on our way to publicizing a Kickstarter project – the thoughts we had on influence-levels of certain sites within the video game space were confirmed.

Based on the Kickstarter feedback from ardent video game consumers a.k.a. the hardcore players who literally put their money where their mouth is, there are a host of smaller sites and channels that have a major impact on generating the kind of ongoing word-of-mouth support that can make a game a significant success.

In essence, we heard from the video game underground.aha-moment-insight_article

According to traffic data and a survey of user comments, we found that smaller sites such as Rock, Paper, Shotgun were extremely influential in shaping initial consumer perception, as were several key YouTube channels.

We should note that like everything in video game publicity, it always comes back to the game – especially with these hardcore outlets because they can detect the shuck-and-jive right from the start.

Of course, convincing senior management that a site with 1/4 the traffic of a larger site is the ideal outlet for launching your key video game release for the year remains a challenge, but it is worth the effort because the pay-off can be significant.

Things to consider for your next game:

  • Consider introducing your game through a smaller influential YouTube channel or video game blog.
  • Listen to the community and their initial feedback, and adjust your campaign accordingly.
  • Create short, quick content for YouTube channels.

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