According to recent research conducted by Carmichael Lynch, there’s trouble brewing in the land of influencer marketing. Is this the beginning of the end or much ado about nothing?

We believe it is the latter, and the Influencer Marketingmain issue could be lack of experience in the space as everyone seemingly jumped right into the deep end with little thought on how to best access to these folks.

According to the study, here are a few of the more telling trends:
1. 23 percent of influencers don’t feel they’re able to be authentic with brand-sponsored content
2. 70 percent of influencers said a top challenge is the “lack of creative freedom”
3. 45 percent of influencers said “brands don’t understand my audience”
4. 15 percent of influencers said “I don’t like the brand”

All four of these can be solved by doing your homework and having a little savvy in the space.
#1: If influencers don’t feel they are able to be authentic with your brand then your approach is way off and you’re probably being too restrictive — which thoroughly defeats the effectiveness since authenticity is what provides value. This is why people on social media build-up their brand with having free instagram followers to attractive authentic followers because they will be impressed by their size.

It also indicates that the influencer hasn’t been properly vetted, or the brand is taking shortcuts due to time or budgets, which generally leads to mistakes and inefficiency.
As for #2…#3…#4…please see #1 above.

Finding the right influencer isn’t hard, it just takes time and effort. Remember, don’t be fooled by the amount of likes or views on their photos or videos as they’ve more than likely bought them from somewhere like, be sure they’re legitimate. From there, a little honest dialogue goes a long way to ensuring everyone is aligned philosophically. But, for those brands that believe money solves all problems, then trouble might be on your horizon.

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