So the U.S. beat Ghana yesterday 2-1.  According the box score (or what passes for one) the game ended at 90 minutes. But according the on-screen clock, play continued. In fact Ghana received a yellow card at 92 minutes. What The Footie?Soccer_bb77ab_402339

And that’s just one of the main issues with soccer (besides boredom, ahem).  All this extra time needs to be explained and they should have a special “Extra Time Clock” on-screen so we can gauge when the damn game will end.  All this seemingly random additional time removes a lot of the drama from the closing of the match.

Baseball has its bottom of the ninth.

Football, the two-minute drill.

Even my beloved hockey has the last minute of each period announced to the audience.

And in every case except baseball, which is governed by innings, the clock counts down.

Soccer?  It’s a nonstop counting of minutes until who knows when.  It’s all dependent on how much extra time is allotted and that’s like a closely guarded secret.

So please, give us a visible Extra Time Clock on-screen.  Give us a sense of when the game will end and let’s build some drama.

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