Reflecting on some of the big 2017 trade shows like CES, GDC & E3, we were again reminded that these kinds of eventsVideo Game PR are usually forums where dreamers and future potential rule the spotlight. There is always a hot topic or two that seems to get the lion’s share of the media buzz, and in many cases, these topics are far off in the future. The excitement comes from speculation and theory more than practicality. For example, virtual reality ruled the trade show landscape for several years before there were any actual products ready for retail.

At this year’s events, one such hot topic was “Haptic Feedback”. There’s a ton of speculation and chatter about how to provide a sense of touch and feel to VR worlds. But what about companies launching products in the here and now? What can they do gain awareness above all the speculative noise?

Here is a brief strategy to help your company or client gain awareness by swimming with the tide and not against it:

1) Identify the Buzz
A couple of months before your trade show, stories will start appearing about what will be the hot topics at the event. For regular readers of industry news/articles, identifying these storylines should be an easy task. For others, a little bit of research will be needed.

2) Message Development
Probably the most important task is to develop messaging that meaningfully connects you/your products to one of these topics, even if it’s by offering a contrarian viewpoint. Staying topical positions you as a potential expert resource and opens up media outlets that may have been unreachable in years past.

3) Message Consistency
Once your message has been vetted and approved, ensure that all stakeholders not only understand it and its nuances, but continually stay on message throughout the trade show cycle. Likewise, all supporting press materials and media outreach should reflect your message whether it’s a pre-show media blast, product website, press interview or press release.

When confronted with such a largescale gathering of media, going against the hottest trends could relegate you towards the bottom end the media priority list. This generally means “I’ll stop by when I can” status instead of a dedicated appointment. By providing a topical and relevant opportunity, you’ll have a better chance at securing greater awareness and coverage for you and your products.

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