Today is a big milestone for cho HighWater Group – We’re 15 Years Old!  My how time flies when you are working hard and having fun!  I still remember my first day of being s15th Anniversaryelf employed like it was yesterday.  Dan Harnett and myself had taken a leap of faith and resigned from our traditional jobs (and their guaranteed paychecks) at a big time game publisher to start this agency.  There I was sitting in my upper east side apartment alternating between feelings of excitement and utter panic.  Where were we headed? How would all this turn out?  To the me of 15 years ago: “relax, it turned out terrific.  You teamed up with a smart partner and you collectively shared a vision that such time tested tenets as hard work, honesty and reliability still meant something in this world.”

To all the chosters (insider nickname for our employees) over the years who have helped serve our clients, share our laughs, and overcome all challenges.  We thank you all and consider you a permanent part of this family, regardless of which direction life has taken us.

Now just to put that 15 years into perspective, I assembled a few fun facts: We’re 5 years OLDER than Facebook, 7 years OLDER than Twitter, and 9 years older than the App Store.  Heck, we’re even 3 years older than the PlayStation 2!

In 1999, the #1 movie was Star Wars Episode 1, Cher had a #1  hit, the highest rated TV show was ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’, and everybody thought global chaos would ensue on JanuaDoomsday Mykl Roventinery 1, 2000 because of the famed ‘Y2K Bug’ . Wow, seems like an alternate universe.  This is fun, let’s go on…A gallon of gas cost $1.22, interest rates were 8.5%, and the Dow was at 11,ooo.  Whew!!

If HighWater Group was a person, we’d get our driver’s license next year, we’d be voting in 3 years, and not take our first sip of beer for 6 years 😉

In closing, I’d just like to say that by our 30th anniversary, I hope there is teleporting.  Modern day air travel leaves a lot to be desired!

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